Research and experimentation programme
The Grand Versailles Numérique project (GVN, Digital Grand Versailles) aims at creating:
  • A laboratory that mixes culture and technology
  • A prototype that is duplicable in other cultural places, in France and in the world
  • A box of innovative tools associating contents, services, networks and terminals
This project will enable the visitor, whether he is on site (in the castle, in the Domaine or in the city of Versailles) or virtual (through the Internet or any other network and in any place) to understand and follow the works of the Grand Versailles (defined by the master plan presented by the minister for the Culture in September 2003) and even to anticipate it by means of simulations.

The objective of the project is also to develop the new tools and the technological services that enable to improve the real or the virtual visit of the castle and the park, by facilitating:
  • The reception, information and orientation
  • The preparation (choice of the course)
  • The extensions of the visit and its improvement
  • The sharing of the knowledge
  • The exchanges between the visitors