Entrance courtyard of the castle with the pavilion Dufour on the left and the pavilion Gabriel on the right
© Sygma and Agence F. Didier for the restitution of the Grille
A better reception for the public
The future system will be simple:
  • An entrance for the groups (pavillon Gabriel)
  • An entrance for individual visitors (pavillon Dufour).
This new organisation will reconcile the castle with its history.
These two pavilions had been designed by Gabriel in the 18th century, like two entrances that give access to the apartments of respectively the King and the Queen.

The castle of Versailles will thus regain its historical operating logic while improving the visitor comfort.

Reception and service areas, partly installed in the two Minister’s wings located on each side of the Cour d’Honneur, will improve the reception of the public.

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