Car with GPS and audioguide
© Astel/M. Biglary
Multidimensional system
The system imagined and developed within the frame of the Grand Versailles Numérique will be:
  • Multi-audience (individual / groups, adults / children, schools, students, researchers, disabled)
  • Multi-content (text, fixed pictures and videos, sound and music, plans, maps, flash or 3D animations...)
  • Multi-services (visit preparation, orientation in the Domaine … position determination technology … visualisation of inaccessible works or places, journey in the past and in the future, foreshadowing of the Grand Versailles, customer loyalty development …)
  • Multilanguage (English, French …)
  • Multi-network (web, telecommunications, wireless …)
  • Multi-support (desktop and laptop PCs, interactive terminals, mobile phones, multimedia consoles …)