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Reflection Workshop
In order to combine complex contents and to offer multiple uses, Grand Versailles Numérique must be based on the new production, simulation, digitizing, broadcasting, and cultural content protection technologies. This project can therefore only be conducted in close relationship with the experts (industrials or academic ones) in the new information and communication technologies.

That is the reason why, since September 2005, the minister for the Culture and for the Communication and the research centre of the castle of Versailles went into partnership with technological companies, public institutions, local governments and universities. These parties regularly meet in reflection workshops to debate on the innovative technologies and their application to culture, to assess the experiments and to imagine new perspectives.

A few participants to the workshops:

Abbaye de Fontevraud, Antenna Audio, Appear Networks, Attractive, Research centre of the castle of Versailles, Cisco Systems, Cleveland Museum, Conseil général des Yvelines, Dynamic 3D, France 5, éditions Gallimard, HP, Intel, Laboratory LEDEN, Microsoft, Ministry for the Culture and the Communication (DDAI-MRT, DAPA), Monum, Motorola, Navidis, Pôle de compétitivité MVNR Ile-de-France, RATP, Region PACA, Semitour/Grottes de Lascaux, Sycomore, Transnumeric, Unilog, CNRS/MCC UMR MAP (Marseille), Veasy Media, Virtools / Dassault, City of Versailles, XD Conseils…

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